Thursday, October 26, 2006

Arcsin - Uprock Citizen 10"-2006

A1. The Tomorrow People
A2. Uprock Citizen Brigade
B1. Epileptic Velvet
B2. Jar of Mice

Four tracks of paranoid, bedroom hip hop production from ARCSIN who just dropped his album on DEF JUX spin-off DRX. He also produced 2 cuts on the DEF JUX PRESENTS 3 compilation (C-RAYZ WALZ's "JELLO" and DESPOT's "HOME- SICKNESS". File next to DJ SIGNIFY, EL-P, and THE OPUS.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cage - Radiohead / Agent Orange-1997


Monday, October 23, 2006

Akrobatik - EP(2002) + Bean Town Slayer

01 - the flow
02 - internet mc'c
03 - don't fear
04 - ruff enuff (remix) (feat afu-ra)
05 - you got it
06 - battle royal (feat esoteric & breez evaflowin)
07 - say yes, say word
08 - fat shit part 2 (feat mr. lif)
09 - militant raw (feat mr. lif)
10 - ruff enuff
11 - live
12 - inhuman capabilities (feat mr. lif)
13 - sports center (feat mr. eon)
14 - freestyle (feat life, shadowman & breez evaflowin)
15 - fat shit part 1 (feat mr. lif)
16 - woman
17 - state of the art (feat raw, 7l & esoteric)
18 - basementality
19 - saki (feat life & breez evahflowin)
20 - kreators (feat guru, big shug & ed og)
21 - the avengers (feat mr. lif)
22 - the flow (remix)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mr. Lif - Sleepyheads II (Classic Combos) (2006)

1. Universal (1998) - Produced by Insight / Went over to Sight's house one day, heard him working on something to this beat, and basically harassed him until he agreed to make it a duet. This is definitely one of my favorite songs I've ever been a part of. Years later it still feels like we captured something real raw on this track.

2. Rapperfection (2001) - Produced by Edan / Lead single for the "Primitive Plus" album (Lewis Recordings 2002) / Edan and I met not too long before we made this joint. I was completely unaware that I had met someone who would become one of my most valued friends. Needless to say, he came at me with one of the hardest beats known to humankind. It was only right to body a stack of muthafuckaz on this track.

3. Supa Dynamite (2005) - Produced by Willie Evans Jr. / This song appeared on the lead single for the Asamov album "... And Now" (6 Hole Recordings 2005) / I had just bought myself new studio equipment and had the honor of blessing this rough cut on my favorite new mic. By the way, these cats friggin' rule!

4. Speech Cobras (2000) - Produced by Stoupe / Song appears on the "Violent by Design" album (Babygrande Records 2000) / These cats are brutal.

5. Orion's Belt (1998) - Produced by Beyonder / This was recorded right after myself and the rest of the "Rebel Alliance" crew got back from a 5 week tour in Europe with Del, Casual, and Z-Trip. It was my first tour and I came back with an awful throat infection from smoking too much weed. My voice is higher here, because it was the only tone I could rap in without excruciating pain.

6. Sneak Preview (2002) - Produced by El-P / This song appeared on the "Definitive Jux Presents pt. II" CD (Definitive Jux 2002) / Always good working with Murs. This was back when I lived in The Bay Area (Damn, I miss living out there!). Picked Murs up in Oakland; drove to San Fran; dropped vocals; done deal.

7. Nosferatu (2004) - Produced by DJ Krush / This song is on Krush's album "Jaku" (Red Ink/Sony Japan 2004) / I leaped at the opportunity to work with Krush. He's a legend and is still razor sharp creatively. Fakts recorded my vocals on our tour bus. We sent them to Krush, and he worked his magic.

8. See That? (2005) - Produced by Raphael LaMotta / Lead single from the album "Thanks for Asking" (Quannum Projects 2005) / Apsci came to Boston. They were actually staying at a hotel in Somerville. I came through; we built a vocal booth out of mattresses and comforters. We had lots of fun recording this one.

9. 360 Degrees (2001) - Produced by Push Button Objects / (Chocolate Industries 2001) / Got to record with Del. I knew it was a big opportunity heading into it, so I just tried to bring my "A" game. Oddly enough, we recorded this song in Elgin, which is located in the burbs of Illinois.

10. I Am Myself (2001 ?) - Not sure who produced this / Lead single from the album "The Feeling of Now" (Female Fun 2003) / I like this song because it's honest.

11. Possibilities (2005) - Produced by Soundtribe Sector 9 / This song appears on "Artifact: Perspectives" (System 2005) / Perceptionists did a little touring with STS9 after Black Dialogue came out. I wrote this song while staying at RJD2's house when I was looking for a place to live in Philly. Thought I wouldn't be able to come up with anything for the track, but all the most personal stuff came to the forefront. The second verse is about my uncle who passed away. Rest in peace Uncle Carl. Mom and I miss you every day.

12. Storm (2006) - Produced by Cut Chemist / Lead single for "The Audience's Listening" (Warner Bros. 2006) / I was about to leave for Europe and maybe not return when Edan hit me with this track from Cut. I was excited about the opportunity to be a part of this album, so I went to Amsterdam, smoked some amazing weed, and wrote this verse.

13. Low Key (2001) - Produced by Eligh / This song appears on "Tag of the Times 3" (Mary Joy Recordings 2001) / We were in Japan, and we were all up for some recording, so Myself, Murs, El-P, BMS, and 3 Melancholy Gypsys made it happen with Mr. Len providing the cuts.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vast Aire - Scissor Tongue (Bootleg)

Vast Aire - Scissor Tongue (Bootleg)
1 His Majesty's Laughter
2 Tipping Dominoes
3 Adversity Strikes
4 Cholestorol
5 Adversity Strikes (Cryptic Strikes Remix)
6 We Can Build You Ft EL-P
7 Attention Span
8 Sinister
9 Tap Dancin' with Scratch
10 Not for Promotional Use Ft Atoms Family
11 Lucky 7
12 Freestyle Off DJ Blowout
13 CM Famalam Freestyle
14 Freestyle @ Time Travel Radio (part I)
15 Freestyle @ Time Travel Radio (part II)
16 Cf Famalam Cannibal Ox Mr. Lif and Yakballz
17 WKCR Cypher EL-P Mhz & Copywrite

Monday, October 02, 2006

Def Jux Tour - Live at Lowlands ( NL 2002 )

Def Jux Tour : Live at Lowlands (Netherlands 2002)